The Global Red Circle Mission

The Global Red Circle offers women sacred space in which to tell their stories whether in one-on-one sessions, small group circles, or larger storytelling events to enable them to transcend painful and devastating events in their lives, wholeheartedly embrace their missions, and be a part of the expansion of feminine energy across the planet.

The Global Red Circle supports women three ways:

One-on-One Sessions

Our Letting Go Sessions offer confidential, non-judgmental, safe space with GRC’s Founder, Kim Andrews, for women who realize they have a specific story they need to tell in order to step into their Most Powerful Self and move forward in their lives. Kim lovingly guides women through the “dark places” they have kept hidden from family and friends because of fear, shame, or overwhelming sadness.

Women’s Gatherings

Have you ever wondered, “Who do I talk to?” or “Who can I tell my secrets to?” Our monthly Global Red Circle Gatherings provide confidential, non-judgmental, sacred space for women to talk about the things they don’t make time to talk about or that they are afraid to talk about as they navigate life day-to-day. In this frenetic, fast-paced life we lead most of us are not making time to talk to those in our woman-tribe or we do not have a woman-tribe where our joys, sadness, and grief can be shared without censure or judgment.

Storytelling Events

Our twice yearly storytelling events provide women a place to share their stories when they are ready to move from marginalized to mastery and give the gift of their lessons learned to the world. Women are coached and guided through a specially designed 6-step storytelling learning process that is the foundation for a deeply transformative experience for both the storyteller and the audience.


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