Mission Statement:

The mission of the Global Red Circle is to build a global sisterhood through which women can heal and nurture themselves and each other through the sharing of their wisdom.

Gone are the days when women naturally and for the survival of their family, lineage, tribe, village, etc, passed on their knowledge and wisdom to younger generations. I believe our world is a global village and our sisters are crying out for our attention, horse sense, street smarts, secrets, wit, and insight. I believe it is our responsibility to share our stories and lessons learned.

The Global Red Circle is our virtual village. The place where we gather for sanctuary. Where we can stand in our truth, free of judgment, fully accepted and celebrated for our uniqueness. We all have valuable life lessons to pass on to other women and the more we learn to care for ourselves, we are open to the wisdom of others. I invite the women of the world to be a part of the re-birthing of this tradition by supporting and inspiring other women by sharing deeply. Our lives do depend on it.

Why We Gather

In our highly technological society people are reporting greater feelings of isolation & loneliness than ever before. With social media we have more shallow communication at a time when we are yearning for deeper connection. We are feeling greater stress than ever. And recent research hypothesizes that females respond to stress by tending & befriending[1], not fight or flight, because of our “differential parental investment.” When we tend and befriend – engage in nurturing activities and create and maintain social networks – our bodies release the hormone oxytocin. That is the same hormone released when mother and child bond at childbirth. It enhances the immune system of those engaged in the tending and befriending. I believe women are biologically disposed to meaningful connection. We yearn for it and we are strengthened by it.